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Organizational Chart
First Class: Department Director
Second Class: Deputy Director
Third Class: Planning section, Public transportation section, Traffic engineering and Management section, Parking management section
Organizational Chart
Planning section
  1. The operation of the committee of traffic safety supervision.
  2. Integrating the horizontal relationship of the traffic policies.
  3. Reviewing and improving the dangerous crisscross and sections of roads.
  4. The survey and analysis of the traffic volume.
  5. Providing improved plans of traffic jams.
  6. Going through the study of the impact from the site traffic.
Public transportation section
  1. Updating traffic signals to keep the traffic smooth.
  2. Defining the marking of traffic signs and directional signs to make the traffic orderly.
  3.  Installing the electrical system of changeable signs to provide traffic information immediately.
  4. Internationalize directional signs of roads.
Traffic engineering and Management section
  1. Developing scenery spots of the 17 kilometers coastal tour zone.
  2. Maintaining the tourist spots in Hsinchu City.
  3. Examining the business of hotels.
  4.  Executing the quality control of city buses-services.
  5. Enhancing the quality of taxi-services.
  6. Subsidizing bus lines of remote districts in finance.
Parking management section
  1. Operational and managerial planning of parking facilities.
  2. Enhancing the quality of services of parking lots and roadside parking.
  3. Making the payment for parking more convenient.
  4. Making parking guide public to increase turn-over rate.
  5. Increasing parking spaces in CBD.
  6. Entrusting the operation of parking lots to non-government circles.

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