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Taxi information
City Bus
  Hsin Chu Bus Co., LTD.
    Route, Time Schedule, Fare etc…
  Radio Taxi Service:
  1. Hong Shuai Taxi +886-3-5713333
  2. Jin Li Satellite Taxi +886-3-5223333
  3. My Taxi +886-3-5516000
  4. Taiwan Taxi +886-405-88888(for Local Call) 55688(for Cell phone)
Taxi Fare (All Day Fare)
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Start $100/1,250 Meters
After 1,250m $5/250 Meters
Waiting Time Charge $5 / 3 min
Note :
1.Open Rear Gate is free
2.The fare will be different on Chinese New Year; the extra fare couldn’t over 30% of base charge.
3.Waiting Time Charge: when taxi speed under 5km/hr., cost NTD5 per 3 min.
4.Nighttime (11pm to next day 06am) will plus $NTD20 for each ride.

Intercity Bus
  1. Kuo-kuang Bus Go to website
  2. Howtai Bus Go to website
  3. Free Go Bus Go to website
  4. Yalan Go to website
  5. Miaoli Bus Go to website
  6. Aloha Bus Go to website
  7. Ho-Hsin Bus Go to website
  8. Ubus
Go to website
Raiway Information
  1. Taiwan Railways Administration Go to website
  2. Taiwan High Speed Rail Go to website

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